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The pride of Pakistan is it’s Potent & Lethal Armed Forces. It is Pakistan’s Armed Forces that have ensured the integrity of the federation, security of its citizens and deterrence against hostile external existential threats. They have overtly and covertly thwarted multi-axis nefarious designs of Pakistan’s destruction. It is these Armed Forces that enemies of Pakistan loathe the most.

The enemies continuously try in desperation through hard and soft measures to compromise the Armed Forces. Moreover, attempts are made to malign the institutions and sow dissent amongst the nation against its own guardians.

Our goal here is to keep you: the Pakistani nation in touch with your guardians. Here we provide news and views from Pakistan’s Armed Forces’ perspective. In the battle for Pakistan’s defense we endeavor to keep you informed and enlightened. Know your guardians: know FearlessWarriors.PK.

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Pakistan & Indonesian Navy Special Forces conduct exercise SEA THUNDER-IV 2019

Karachi, 19 Oct 19: A bilateral exercise SEA THUNDER-IV 2019 between Pakistan Navy Special Service Group and Indonesian Navy...