On February 27 2019, two Indian Air Force fighter jets violated Pakistan’s air space and in the response to this violation PAF shot down both the aircraft’s in an aerial combat between India and Pakistan.

After being hit, one of the pilot; Wing Commander, Abhinandan Varthaman ejected from the aircraft and was latter captured by the Pakistan Army.

Abhinandan Varthman - The tea is Fantastic -OPERATION SWIFT RETORT - FearlessWarriors.PK
Abhinandan Varthman enjoying the FANTASTIC tea at Pakistan Military mess for the cost of his fighter jet.

The Wing Commander, Abhinandan Varthaman was treated quite well by the Pakistan Armed Forces and he loved the tea which was served at Military Mess. He even told the media about it stating “The tea is Fantastic.”

Latter, Pakistan handed over the captured IAF pilot to India as a gesture of peace.

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