Flt Lt Saifullah Lodhi Shaheed - FearlessWarriors.PK

Flt Lt Saifullah Lodhi SJ | Shaheed of 1965 War

Since the beginning of the 1965 Indo-Pak War, Amritsar radar proved to be a formidable target for PAF. The high-powered Indian GCI mobile Radar equipped with Soviet origin P-35 was stationed close to Amritsar airfield, but its location was interpreted through signal intercepts and calculated to be within a circle of probability of about 2 miles.
Sqn Ldr Muniruddin Ahmed Shaheed - FearlessWarriors.PK

Sqn Ldr Muniruddin Ahmed SJ | Shaheed of 1965 War

On 11 Sep 1965, Sqn Ldr Muniruddin Ahmed volunteered for the dangerous strike mission to destroy formidable Amritsar Radar station.
Sqn Ldr Muhammad Iqbal Shaheed - FearlessWarriors.PK

Sqn Ldr Muhammad Iqbal SJ | Shaheed of 1965 War

Sqn Ldr Muhammad Iqbal was commanding the elite No 24 Sqn equipped with state-of-the-art RB-57 aircraft, fitted with electronic intelligence (ELINT) devices during 1965.
Sqn Ldr Alauddin Ahmed Shaheed - FearlessWarriors.PK

Sqn Ldr Alauddin Ahmed SJ | Shaheed of 1965 War

At 1030 hours in the morning of 13 Sep 1965, Sqn Ldr Alauddin Ahmed was flying his second operational mission of the day. Earlier in the morning, with the break of dawn, he had led an army-support mission of four Sabres in Chawinda-Narowal sector where the historic tank battle was still raging with all its blasting fury.
Sqn Ldr Sarfraz Rafiqui (Shaheed), HJ, SJ - FearlessWarriors.PK

Sqn Ldr Sarfraz Ahmed Rafiqui HJ, SJ | Shaheed of 1965 War

On the evening of 6 Sep 1965, an ill-fated formation of three aircraft took off from Sargodha for a raid on Halwara airfield, one of the three that had been singled out for a pre-emptive strike.

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