Is Subcontinent Going To Witness Another War?

by: Ayesha Tariq Khan. The author is a Strategist, Patriotic Traveler, Blogger, Painter and a Photographer.

Is Subcontinent Going To Witness Another War - FearlessWarriors.PK

The current situation in South Asia is aggravating by every day passing. That is because of Indian step to demolish article 35A and 370, from their constitution, which was for the rights of Indian-held Kashmir and its people. People of Jammu Kashmir are facing severe conditions in the vale. They are not connected with the outside world, and they are been killed and murdered by Indian Troops. The Kashmiri leaders are being tortured and house arrested.

Is Subcontinent Going To Witness Another War - FearlessWarriors.PK

Pakistan is trying its best to get Kashmiris their rights, the independent status which they deserve. Pakistan took this matter to United Nations Security Council, where Security Council on Friday told both the countries to solve this serious issue bilaterally and peacefully. China’s permanent representative of UN said that Kashmir is an internationally recognised dispute and the demolition of article 35A and 370 has changed the STATUS QUO of KASHMIR.

Is Subcontinent Going To Witness Another War - FearlessWarriors.PK

Pakistan already tried its best to grow peaceful relations with India, by inviting Indian ministers to Pakistani Prime Ministers Oath Taking Ceremony, by opening Kartarpur corridor and by returning back their Wing Commander, Abhinandan Varthaman when he was violating airspace, and opening ways for Kulbhushan Yadev (Indian spy come terrorist) to meet Indian Consulate.

Is Subcontinent Going To Witness Another War - FearlessWarriors.PK

Organization of Islamic Corporation (OIC) on Friday also told India to lift curfew from Jammu Kashmir, and don’t violate Human Rights there.

Is Subcontinent Going To Witness Another War - FearlessWarriors.PK

When everything was going in favour of Pakistan, Indian Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh, released a statement, where he indirectly threatened Pakistan by saying that India had been adhered to NO FIRST USE policy, but what happens in future depends on circumstances.

Is Subcontinent Going To Witness Another War - FearlessWarriors.PK

Question arises, is subcontinent going to witness another war? A war which would head towards world war 3? I have mentioned World War 3 because Great Powers have invested much in these two countries, especially the P-5 countries, naming the U.S.A, Russia, the U.K, France and China, and if war like situation happens then it will end up in World War 3 as the Great Powers won’t be compromising on their investment. The answer to the above mentioned question would likely to be a NO. This world where International relation is so integrated, where the UN is only here to avoid any war like situation, and the other organization would likely to participate to avoid any conflict arising circumstances. The great powers will play their own role, to solve the issues between these two countries, so that their investment won’t go all in vain.

Moreover, the decision makers of both countries would know the consequences of war, as both the countries are nuclear power, and the end would be no more than MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction. If a country in any case would be using Nuke, that will end up retaliation of the other country with same or more strength. That will end up in total destruction of both countries.

Is Subcontinent Going To Witness Another War - FearlessWarriors.PK

So, what should be done by both the countries? Proposed solution is only PLEBISCITE, a free, fair plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir. Let them choose whether they want to stay with Pakistan, India or Independent. That will be the best solution for both the countries as well as the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Don’t violate Human Rights there, don’t kill people in Jammu Kashmir and don’t make them suffer. Let the Heaven-like valley be like HEAVEN, peaceful and beautiful.

Is Subcontinent Going To Witness Another War - FearlessWarriors.PK


  1. Excellent work aish , and yes plebiscite is the only solution for all of us and war will goes worst then we think becouse both countries have nuclear bombs and capabilities to destroy its opponent and war is not a solution peace and only peace is the solution and peace will come by plebiscite to give rights to kashmiris to decide their fate.😊

  2. Great work Ayesha. The world powers do not seem to be interested in pressurising India to restore special status of Jammu and Kashmir. There is no announcement of any sanctions or any other step. The irony is that OIC is silent on the issue. Saudia Arabia is investing heavily in India. So first Muslim world needs to be United then we can force India and as a matter of fact pressurize world to take steps against the Indian action. Or we can see what happened to Jerusalem.


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