LAC M Anwer Hussain Khan TJ | Shaheed of 1965 War

LAC M Anwer Hussain Khan Shaheed | Shaheed of 1965 War - FearlessWarriors.PK

Name:                                         M Anwer Hussain Khan
Pak No:                                       66578
Trade:                                          Radar Mechanic
Father’s Name:                          Abdul Lais Khan
Date of Birth:                             30 Nov 1943
Place of Birth:                            Dattergaon, Dacca (East Pakistan) Bangladesh
Date of Enrolment:                   14 Apr 1962
Date of Shahadat:                     21 Sep 1965
Gallantry Award:                      Tamgha-i-Jurat

Early Life/Career: Anwer Hussain Khan was born in East Pakistan. After acquiring early education at home, he passed his matriculation exam from Govt High School, Dacca. Fascinated by the lives of air warriors, Anwer decided to join Pakistan Air Force. After selection, he successfully completed the initial training at Recruit Training  School, Kohat and became Radar Mechanic. After training    he got posted to PAF Base Mauripur, (Masroor) Karachi. Within a few weeks of reporting at his first unit, young Anwer proved himself as a highly dedicated and hardworking technician. As war clouds started to hover above Pak and India in 1965, PAF swung into action. All the PAF’s FOBs (Forward Operating Bases) were activated immediately and Anwer got his deployment to Badin.

Brief Description of Gallantry: On 21 Sep 1965, PAF Base, Badin came under heavy Indian air attack. During the air raid, LAC Anwer was manning a very important area, which housed very sensitive service equipment, inevitable for various PAF missions. As IAF fighters approached to unleash their bombs on Badin, Anwer catapulted into action. Undaunted, he ran to save the valuable  PAF assets and moved the sensitive equipment away from danger. However, few rockets landed within the close proximity of Anwer’s area of responsibility and within no time, towering flames engulfed the whole area. The place that Anwer was protecting was now nothing but a huge ball of fire. It seemed that the entire area had been pulverised. However, after a few moments, through thick black smoke, several baffled and shocked onlookers saw a figure grabbing the available fire fighting equipment, trying to extinguish the raging inferno. That lone person was LAC Anwer who, instead of running to safety, was now fearlessly battling

the massive flames oblivious of the impending danger. Though badly bruised by scorching heat and flames, he managed to save the large number of sensitive PAF equipment. In the pursuit, Anwer got severe burn injuries but continued with his heroics feats.

Later, the brave son of Pakistan succumbed to injuries but never surrendered against odds.

Citation of Gallantry Award: “Leading Aircraftman Anwer Hussain was on duty at a vital point. His position was rocketed by enemy aircraft and the place caught fire. Anwer Hussain was the only person on duty over there. He fought the fire single-handedly with the available fire appliances, managed to control it, and thus saved expensive equipment. His death is an example of courage and unfaltering devotion to duty, service as well as to the country. He is awarded TJ.”

Family Details: Anwer belonged to a deeply religious family. His parents, though not financially sound, had devoted their lives to help the poor and needy. He had two sisters, Ms Nur Jehan Begum and Ms Hosh Nigar Begum; both married and settled in their native town.


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