Major Umar Baig Mirza (11 PR) embraced shahadat on Oct 15, 2005 during an earthquake relief operation when an Army Aviation helicopter carrying relief items crashed in Bagh Valley.

He was younger brother of ”Lt. Col Amer Shaheed (2009)” and Lt Gen Shahid Baig.

The helicopter was on a relief mission and Major Umar Baig Mirza was guiding the pilots to reach to the affected. It wasn’t the first mission for Major Umar who had done several relief operations since the October 8 earthquake.

Although Major Umar wasn’t asked to go but he volunteered to accompany the pilot for a difficult mission in an uncertain weather.

Rest in peace Major, our thoughts and prayers are with your family.

Grave of Major Umar Baig Mirza Shaheed - FearlessWarriors.PK
Grave of Major Umar Baig Mirza Shaheed

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