Death Over Surrender – Interview of Capt. Bilal Shaheed’s Mother

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Bilal Zafar Abbasi was an Army officer who received Sitara-e-Basalat on the 62nd Independence Day of Pakistan. He was a Captain in the 42 Baloch Regiment(MIB).

Operation Rah-e-Rast began in May 2009 and involved the Pakistan Army and Taliban militants in a fight for control of the Swat district of Pakistan.The SSG started an operation ‘Janbaz’ to clear Swat valley from militants. His company was given the task to clear Swat-Peochar Road. During this operation, Captain Bilal Zafar embraced shahadat on 17 May, 2009. He was hit by a rocket launcher on his chest.

One day after his death, he was buried in his native village Kehror Kotli Sattian on 18 May, 2009.The Government of Pakistan announced the Sitara-e-Basalat for him on the 62nd Independence Day of Pakistan.

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Brave Mother of Captain Bilal Zafar Shaheed delivers a short Speech

Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay - Captain Bilal Zafar Shaheed - Ghazanosar Ka Hero - FearlessWarriors.PK

Watch drama “Capt. Bilal Zafar Shaheed: Ghazanosar Ka Hero, Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay. 

The drama “Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay,” was aimed at depicting the bravery of Pakistani people and the armed forces which they displayed during the operations against terrorists and militants in the tribal area.


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