Khuda Zameen Se Gaya Nahin promises to be the most ground-breaking creation in the history of Pakistani television. Nothing like this has ever been attempted in terms of content, depth, style and sheer scale on what is a deeply resonating yet sensitive subject.

Khaista Gul became a self-proclaimed jihadist leader and fueled by his rage against the privileged and infidels, waged war against anyone who opposed his beliefs. Using religion as his basis for dispensing justice, he seized control by exploiting the minds of the impoverished residing in areas of the frontier province. He had a son, Zargul, who was tasked with the responsibility of driving back and forth to conduct business and a daughter, Palwasha who lived in the chaar deewari as a slave.

Written by Asghar Nadeem Syed, directed by Kashif Nisar and produced under the banner of CRS Public Relations, the drama aired on both HUM TV and PTV Home in 2009. Some of the main actors are Ayub Khosa (Khaista Gul), Noman Ejaz (Zargul), Sara Chaudhry (Palwasha), Rasheed Naz (Rahman Gul), Syed Jibran (Captain Asfandyar), Captain Zeeshan Malik (Captain Taimoor), Najeeba Faiz (Zarghoonay), Aisha Khan (Gulbano), Azeem Sajjad (Major Rashid), Faizan Khwaja (Salman), Tipu (Bilal), Erum Akhtar (Dr. Maria), Kamran Mujahid (Ditta), Rashid Mehmood (Molvi Allah Baksh), Taifoor Khan (Dr. Sher Jan), Sophia Khan (Ayesha).

Khuda Zameen Se Gaya Nahin Hai has the honor of having been selected for the maximum number of nominations in drama category of 9th Lux Style Awards.

The five categories include: Best Drama Serial (Terrestrial Channels), Best Writer (All Channels), Best Director (All Channels), Best Actor (Terrestrial Drama) and Best Actress (Terrestrial Drama).

The ace playwright Asghar Nadeem Syed has been nominated for the category of best writer while young maestro Kashif Nisar has been nominated for the category of Best Director.

It may be noted that ‘Khuda Zameen Se Gaya Nahin Hai has been conferred upon the special PTV Award for best private drama serial during the year 2009.



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