Shah Nawaz Khan was a senior member of Balochistan’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID), which investigates all offences including terror cases and sectarian killings.

He was killed in the early morning when he was going for a walk. Two young persons were riding a motorcycle and one of them opened fire on him. They escaped and he succumbed to his injuries before medical help could arrive.

SP Shahnawaz Khan’s funeral was held in Satellite Town area later in the day and prayers were attended by high ranking police officials in addition to friends and family of the deceased.

The slain police officer had been posted at key positions of the police department. Moreover, he was on the hit-list of various outlawed militant and separatist organisations due to his unyielding attitude towards them.He was posted in CID and was investigating many important cases.

Awam Kay Sipahi - SP Shah Nawaz Khan Shaheed - FearlessWarriors.PK
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The Story of SP Shah Nawaz Khan Shaheed – A courageous SP CID Quetta, Balochistan Police


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