Mujahideen-e-Aflaak Ko Salam 2019 is the most awaited show of the Year. It pays tribute to the brave Shaheens (Falcons) of the Pakistan Air Force, who have done everything in their capacity to keep the flag flying high.

The brave Shaheens of Pakistan Air Force made the entire nation proud after shooting down the coward Indian Air Force fighter jets ( SU-30 MKI & Mig 21 Bison) on Feb 27th 2019, PAF named this operation as Operation Swift Retort 2019.

The brave and fearless warriors of Pakistan Armed Forces are always ready to face any challenge, at any time. May Allah be with us. Ameen.

Watch PAF Stage Show | Mujahideen-e-Aflaak Ko Salam 2019 (Part 1)

Watch PAF Stage Show | Mujahideen-e-Aflaak Ko Salam 2019 (Part 2)

Download Operation Swift Restort (Feb 27, 2019) Poster

Executive Producers:
Air Cdre Ahmer Raza
Air Cdre Syed Muhammad Ali (Retd)

Sqn Ldr Hassaan Jalal
Sqn Ldr Nadia
Jawad Ahmed

Performing Artists – Vocals – Singers:
Alamgir Haq
Shuja Haider
Sahir Ali Bagga
Hadia Hashmi

Shuja Haider

Production Team Directorate of Media Affairs, PAF:
Wg Cdr Ahmad Vasim Khan
Sqn Ldr Hassan Jalal
Flt Lt Ijaz
Flt Lt Muhammad Iqrash

Set Design:
Flt Lt Ijaz
Flt Lt Zeehan
Miss Bushra Mushtaq

Bling Studios Production Team:
Hasan Naeem
Rohail Khan
Osman Ali Khan
Qasim Moosvi
Dr Zeba Saleem
Waqas Shahzad
Omer Bari
Mostafa Khawar
Bilal Ur Rehman
Malik Ahsan
Zeeshan Zia
M Arshid
Danish William
Faheem Ahmad
M Tariq
Mehtab Hussain

Non Linear Editors:
Manzoor Khan
Khadim Hussain
Shoaib Akhtar

Special Thanks:
Incision Films (Kashmir Montage)


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