A gunman opened fire a the the Al-Noor Islamic Centre, on the outskirts of the capital Oslo in Norway on Saturday.

A Pakistan Air Force retired personnel; Mr Rafiq managed to overpower and the suspect was arrested after the attack.

Mr Rafiq said, “I suddenly heard shooting from outside. He started to fire towards the two other men,” Mr Rafiq, a retired Pakistani Air Force personnel, told Reuters news agency.

Mr Rafiq said that he grabbed the attacker,  held him down, wrestled the weapons from him and managed to prevent the attack on the mosque.

In a post on Facebook, Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg said:

Angrepet på al-Noor-moskeen i Bærum var et direkte angrep på norske muslimer. Det var et angrep på religionsfriheten….

Posted by Erna Solberg on Sunday, August 11, 2019

Translation: “The attack on the al-Noor Mosque in bærum was a direct attack on Norwegian Muslims. It was an attack on religious freedom. It was an attack on the right to mean and believe in what you want. There was an attack on Norway because there was an attack on norwegians with roots from other countries.

The perpetrator seems to have been one person. But we know that the attitudes are shared by several. However, we are over five million. And today we stand shoulder to shoulder with Norwegian Muslims in condemnation of the attack and for the right to safely be able to believe in the one you want and what you want in Norway. Eid Mubarak!” Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

Pakistan Armed Forces personnel are highly trained and professional even after retirement they can conquer the world.


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