Sequel to discussions and seminars on ‘Interplay of economy and security’, a concluding session of stake holders hosted by COAS was held at Army Auditorium in Rawalpindi on Oct 3rd 2019. Govt economic team and businessmen of the country participated.

The Army Chief apprised participants about improved internal security environment of the country which has enabled space for increased economic activity. He added that accessibility and responsiveness of govt economic team to business community and displayed understanding between public and private institutions is good sign for intended positive trajectory in economic activity.

Moreover, he said that national security is intimately linked to economy while prosperity is function of balance in security needs and economic growth. Army Chief said that aim of various discussions and seminars was to bring stake holders at one platform to formulate recommendations for a synergistic way forward.

Government economic team apprised business community about initiatives being introduced by the government to facilitate businesses and the encouraging results of stabilization efforts on national economy. Businessmen shared their suggestions with the govt team to further improve environment for ease of doing businesses and assured that they will cooperate in implementation of government reforms and also play their part by paying taxes and investing in a socially and economically responsible manner.

General Bajwa thanked all participants for purposeful utilisation of the joint forum by stake holders for discussions and seminars leading to formulation of policy recommendations for subsequent processes and implementation.

COAS Gen. Bajwa appreciates Muhammad Waseem, the boxer


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