(Dedicated to the martyrs of the brutal attack at Parade Lane Mosque and their families..)

I felt no pain, there was no scream;
Don’t cry my love, my blood my soul;
I met my lord as shaheed.
why then you let these tears roll?

I’ll wait for you in the skies above;
You go live life with hope and glee;
I’ll be with you, at every step;
You just won’t have those eyes to see;

You’ll bear me laugh and see me play;
when all alone you’ll feel me by;
You’ll hear me calling your name with love.
But only when you close your eye;

I was not there by chance or luck;
I did not loose my life in vain;
I followed the path He destined for me;
As pious men in faith were slain;

They thought they killed and scared us all;
Those fools who wrecked they revered home;
But yet we live, as heroes in heart;
And your call still booms in every dome;
Midst frayed flesh and reddened mud;
Wailing mothers and bawling kin;
I quenched thou thirst with tepid blood;
Oh! Sacred Loam I cleansed my sin’

Ablute in prayers at The Master Feet;
I never did dream such devout an end;
For those who live in thou name Oh God!
What ways you find for angels to send;

They will not rein the air we breathe;
We lived as free and shall die free too;
The smell of fear they wish to spread;
Shall dissipate through faith in you;

Thousand mosques they may still burn;
And raze to ground a million homes;
“But these misled yet do know not;
It is not this life, its death we yearn;

A Message by: Maj Kashif Javed


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