We walk on the land with our heads held high
Pride in our gaits morale sky high

We bow our heads in front of “The One”
In Allah we trust, we’re scared of none

May it be the desserts or the battles in the north
May it be floods or famine or draught

We stop at nothing we keep pushing ahead
We seek His guidance no matter how hard is the quest

We seek honor in our every war
Bartered with lives, blood and more

We go for the battle ready for death
Death before dishonor is the path we tread

Money or fame is not what we seek
Glory for motherland, with actions we speak

With bombs and guns we go for the fight
We seek His blessings, we seek His might

We wear the “KHAKI” least we forget
We are the sons of the soil till our death

So when you box me and wrap me in Green
I wish to be in “KHAKI” when I embrace the death

We are the warriors till the end we’ll fight
We’ll write the history with our blood and sweat

Push on my brothers push on ahead
Godspeed, Godspeed for our quests ahead

A Warrior’s Quest by: Captain (Now Major) Ali Faraz Haque, written in 2010.


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