If i can,
if i can write,
i will write for you,
beautiful poems,
encompassing a million words,
and each word may depict,
an aspiration!
An aspiration,
for a noble life,
for everlasting peace,
for happiness !

If i can wish,
i will wish for you,
all the blessings of God,
like the wonders of Earth’s creatures,
like the ecstasy in everything,
like the gentle hush of evening,
like the walk in the rain,
like the sun, the stars and the sky,
like the drowsy blue ocean,
like the autumn breeze,

if i can bring,
i will bring for you!
The vividness of sun,
the brilliance of stars,
all the colors,
that nature may have,
gratification !
That life can ever give,
and all the music,
the world has,
that touches your heart,
and to fill up your senses

My Words For My Warriors by: Jiya Khan


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