The drama serial on Sepoy Maqbool Hussain is based on his life and ordeal in enemy captivity . “Sipahi Maqbool Hussain” was aired on PTV and TV ONE in April 2008. It was produced by Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) in collaboration with Interflow.

Sepoy Maqbool was enrolled in Azad Kashmir Regiment on September 16, 1960. During the 1965 war, he was seriously injured during an operation and captured. His mother could not wait for long and was buried at the entrance of the village in accordance with her will, so that she would be the first one to greet him on his return.

Because of the torture and trauma, Maqbool Hussain became mentally ill and after spending 40 years in jails was released through the Wagah border in ex-change for civilian prisoners in 2005. The drama pays tribute to Sepoy Maqbool Hussain as an icon of resilience and steadfastness.

Watch Complete Drama Sipahi Maqbool Hussain (2008)

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4


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