Indian Air Force Chief, Air Chief Marshal Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria has admitted that they shot down their own Mi-17 helicopter on February 27, 2019. This Incident resulted in killing their own six personnel. This is the first time India has accepted their own blunder.

But with this truth, India has come forward with another lie by releasing a fake propaganda video on Balakot air strike.

India claims to shot down Pakistan Air Force F-16 fighter jet as well as destruction of terror camps in Balakot.

Whereas, In April 2019, a group of international media journalists mostly India based and Ambassadors & Defence Attachés of various countries in Pakistan visited the impact site of February 2019 Indian air violation. Visitors were shown bomb craters of denied Indian air strike attempt in barren open spaces with no loss to life or infrastructure.

Group also visited nearby madrassa claimed by India for having been struck and killing scores of terrorists. Visitors freely interacted with student children and teachers and saw for themselves that madrassa stood on ground untouched with only innocent local children undergoing education.

Moreover, Pakistan Air Force has already released actual footage showing locked targets of Indian Military Installations which were left alone by giving a warning to India in order to avoid war.

Pakistan has also welcomed international defence analysts to examine the wreckage of Indian Air Force Mig-21, the fighter jet of Wing Commodore Abhinandnan. Which also proves Indian claim of shooting down Pakistan Air Force F-16 is a lie as none of the missiles attached to the aircraft were fired.

India after being cought red handed by Pakistan is now trying to cover up its blunders through lies. Pakistan has showed the world with evidence that India has been involved in terror activities in Pakistan by capturing Kulbhushan Jadhav and its human rights violations in Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir can be seen by the world.

Pakistan Armed Forces are fully prepared to respond to any misadventure by India.

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